Friday, February 3, 2017

Vehicles - The Bane of My Existence

Photo From Here

Surly sent me this as a design idea for my hot rod project. The link will carry you back to a spot where there are quite a few design ideas based on "Commie" cars. Cool stuff. I don't know when I'll ever get around to working on my car but I'm hoping it's relatively soon. Lots of  started but not finished projects in line ahead of it, however. Those being the only reason I haven't brought this thing home:

Wait! Now it's gone!

I was looking on craigslist for farm trucks and found one that was just exactly like I was looking for. The seller had a couple of pictures that were taken with the engine running, including one of the dash gauges - indicating good oil pressure and charging system. The price was right and it was close to home. Perfect. However, when I went back to grab the photo to post here it was gone. The same seller also had two other trucks listed and those didn't show up either. Now that's a pisser. I was real tempted to take a run over there and check the one I liked out. Probably a sign.

And if we're going to talk buying and selling, I used to have one of these. Should never have sold it.

Never had one of these, but I should get one. Maybe throw in Moto Guzzi along with farm truck as search words when I'm on craigslist. Both photos from Motobilia by the way. 


Rich in Ky said...

I picked up a black '93 Ford F150 repo a couple months ago. Been working on it a little at a time in one of the bays of the farm shop. 300 straight six, straight shift, dual tanks, long bed, no A/C, crank down windows; just what I was looking for. Just needs some tlc, as it's been rode hard and put up wet I'm guessing for the last ten years. Most of it is fixing what others broke trying to fix things. :-)

What model are you looking for?

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I had a '96 Ford. It was the last year of the 300 straight six if I remember right. Sounds just about like what you have - good truck. Those motors were real reliable unless you get them hot. Doesn't take much to warp the head if the thermostat sticks.

I'm looking for a bigger truck. The one I saw was a Chevy from the sixties with a grain box, 4 speed with a 2 speed axle with tandems. It looked to be in pretty good shape. The paint was faded but it wasn't all rusty, good rubber and the hydraulics worked. I'll keep looking. It's more of a want than a need.

Rich in Ky said...

Yes I've always been happy with the 300 six. Used them in a couple Econoline service vans years ago - reliable, even though in a van the carbureted engine was underpowered. My buddy had a tougher version in a dump truck! This is the first one I ever had with fuel injection. Moves the truck right along, and pulls well. Probably better gas mileage, but not driven it enough on the road to tell what it is yet. And yes, I always go with a lil cooler thermostat to keep things happy, and take the gas mileage hit. They want engines to run so hot these days for emissions. Also a fan of the 4 liter Jeep six.

Got the bed off of it now. Welding the bed back up where someone took a saw to gain access to the fuel pumps . Also makes it easier to replace bushings, shocks, etc. This one is pretty rust free.

Wants vs. Needs: I could have got a newer, cleaner truck, with shiny paint, etc. But where's the fun in that? :-)
Good luck with your search!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Keep me posted on the progress.