Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tool Stand

Bits and pieces for a tool stand. I'm making a rectangular frame that my stake plate will drop into and that I'll also be able to mount my shear, tube bender and my Hossfeld style bender on. I made up a 3/8" plate that will bolt to the rectangular frame and the various other tools will bolt to that. 

I was going to cut out the inner piece for the sidecar fender with the new shear but decided making the stand first was a better idea. I've been tossing around an idea for the stand ever since I bought the new tools. I'm still on my quest to get all the tools/equipment I need or think I'll need before I quit working as well as having them actually use-able. They don't do you much good if all they are doing is cluttering up the workbench. I also need to make a roller stand to support pieces in the band saw while cutting long lengths. The bucket with wooden blocks on top works but it's none too convenient nor professional. I don't know if Harbor Freight sells one or not. Something like that usually sells for less than I can make it for.

I'm hoping to get the tool stand welded up in the next couple of days and then I can get all the mounting holes drilled in it and the top plate. Then it's back onto the sidecar project.

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