Saturday, February 25, 2017

"Tracking" Progress

I installed the hold down track in my workbench in the "new" barn. I got the track and a pair of hold-downs for Christmas. Figured since the weather was still warm, be a good time to get it done. I didn't have a 3/4" straight bit for the router so I bought one of those and some screws. Should make some of the woodworking jobs both easier and safer.

Fixed the conduit bender from the lab at school. Someone tried to bend 1/2" rigid in the bender for the 1/2" EMT and blew it apart. Actually did this one at home rather than in the shop at the college. I've got all the fixin's and they're handy here at the shack.

Finished up the tool stand, paint and all. I still need to bolt it to the bench top but that won't take long.

Surly sent me a couple of sidecover designs for the BSA. Looks like he's got something pretty close to what he'll be happy with. Glad to see that's moving forward again. 

I've got two more weeks until the session ends at the college. After a short break I'll be working again but only two days per week. That'll free up a lot of time for projects. I'm looking forward to that.

I signed up for a 5K race walk the end of April. I'll need some of that free time for training. Looking forward to that, however. It's hard for me to stay motivated to eat right and exercise unless I've got an event to train for. I want to drop a few pounds before then and maybe keep them off afterwards. My new saddle pal lives right down the road now, so we should be able to get out on the bikes fairly often, which will help. It's been almost five years since the heart attack, I'd like to avoid having another one for at least another twenty.

The crazy weather has fooled the magnolia out front into blossoming out. The cold and snow aren't going to be good for it. The other magnolias I have normally bloom later so they should be OK but who knows? 

So things are good in spite of the weather taking a turn to the normal. I'm picking away at the easy ones and having a grand time with the mundane. Enjoy your weekend and get that garden planned out. 

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