Monday, January 22, 2018


From Here

And that's just about the size of it. The back is doing much better, however. No pain unless I happen to move the wrong way and then I get a sharp stabbing pain but the spasms have stopped. Should be back to my normal old man aches and pains in a few more days.

As my back improved I started wasting a little more time on the computer and stumbled across this little thing at a post from Red in Indy. It's the Mosquito model by 47Moto. 250cc single with six speed transmission for about $5K. According to Red, the design is by a guy who did similar work for Buell. There's supposed to be two other versions of this rig in the future. I think I'm going to go to the big International Motorcycle Show in a few weeks. Might be one of these on display. I checked the exhibitor list and didn't see it on there but if you're building motorcycles in Wisconsin, I'd think you'd show up to a show in Chicago. Like wise with Royal Enfield.

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