Monday, January 8, 2018


I've been making a lot of progress typing up the family history but I've still got a ways to go. My typing has improved but there's a couple of booklets that I'm re-typing that are pretty time consuming. The one is about my wife's great grandmother. She married and boomed out from Minneapolis to homestead on the north western corner of North Dakota. They lived in a dugout at first, moved up to a little shack and in 1917 her husband went back to Minneapolis on business and never came back, having gotten into a fight, stabbing some guy and going to the big house, leaving her out on the prairie with four little kids. She moved into the little town of Alkabo later on. That's what's left of it in the photos above. They were taken in 2010. Just a ghost town now except for the school house which looks pretty well maintained. Apparently it's a museum now. I wouldn't mind taking a trip out that way to see what's in the museum.

Interesting story - tough old bird. All that typing I've been doing is a real pain in the ass for me but her story needs to be told and remembered.

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