Monday, January 1, 2018

Bike Horn

El Cheapo bicycle horn I got for Christmas - just exactly like what I wanted. In fact it's red, which is extra good. This is going on the motorbike if it ever warms up enough to work on it. Probably have to wait until March before it gets warm enough to paint it anyway. The temperatures have been frigid of late and it appears they are going to stay that way for at least the remainder of this week - single digits during the day, negative numbers at night and wind chills down to -25 to -35. That's cold.

Still working on some things down the basement and typing up the family history, so no shortage of things to keep me busy. I'm hoping to have the family history pretty well tidied up in the next couple of weeks. I talked to my brother at a family get together we had last week and got the skinny on getting it published, so I need to make a bit of a change to the way I've got the pages formatted but nothing that I can't handle. It'll be good to get that knocked out.

Still haven't exactly decided what I want to do about my reading for 2018. I've got other things that are more important on the horizon than reading a book just to be reading a book. I'm leaning towards just reading things as time and interest allows and see how it goes. I've already got one I'll finish today, so I'm off to a good start and if it remains cold like it has been, I'll be knocking them out on a regular basis anyway.

Not going to make any resolutions as such for 2018. Just planning on doing what I've been doing these last few years - just try to do a little better job of it. My diet's been slipping a bit, so go back to a little more strict vegan, drop a few pounds, get some more things done around the shack, do a few more things with the grandkids. Just need to find the "middle path" and stay on it. Life's pretty good around here right now, just want to try and savor it before something comes along to screw it up.

Happy New Year y'all! Let's hope 2018 is good to all of us.

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