Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Truck's Fixed

Music to work on the truck by.

The back and the weather were both good enough yesterday to tackle the window on the truck. Took me a bit to figure out how the door pad was mounted onto the door but I managed to get it off without breaking anything. Putting the window back in the track was simple enough. Likewise putting the door pad back on was relatively easy except for the lock button. A third hand to guide the door lock through the hole would have helped but only took about five minutes of wrestling. Probably wouldn't have taken that long if I wasn't worried about twisting my back the wrong way. As long as I had it inside the barn I checked all the fluids and aired up the tires. I put new wiper blades on last time it warmed up, so I should be able to make it until spring before it needs anything else. If it needs much else, I'm going to jack it up and drive a new one underneath it.

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