Thursday, January 11, 2018

Basket Weaving

Top photo is how I've been keeping busy as of late, other than all the family history typing stuff, that is. Not really basket weaving - figure of speech thing. I've seen people weave baskets and that takes some real skill. Anyway, I put a new bladder in a couple of speed bags for the gym and made a couple of paracord lanyards for one of the guys who works out there. Not much to it but it's something to keep me amused while it's cold outside. Actually, making the lanyards reminded me of some of the stuff I used to do as a kid. I remember making a wallet from a kit that contained the leather with punched holes that had to be laced up along with a key holder and a couple other items. I also made some stuff with those little tiny Indian beads that you strung together. Not much different now 50 some years later. Simple things amuse simple minds. 

The second photo is something Jimmy got me the other day. He and his wife were out shopping and came across this and they both figured I should have it. I suppose I am an award winning athlete but no doubt about the trophy wife part. The old gal's a winner.

Sticking with the award winning theme - the bottom two photos are the latest Welding Journal. If you look close you can see Shop Teacher Bob in the group on the Society News page (of course you'd have to know what I look like). Pay your dues for 25 years and you too can get your picture in the magazine. 

I did finish typing up the one section of the family history - 28 pages. I need to dig through some of the old files now and see what else I should include on the wife's side of the story and then scan in some documents and photos still. It's supposed to be warm today, so I'll be out in the shop for a while for a much needed therapy session. More cold and snow on the way, though, so work will resume on the family history again shortly. I'm bound and determined to finish this thing up.

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