Thursday, January 25, 2018

Volcanic Action

The photo's from here and it identified the volcano as being Mount Vesuvius. So I wrote up a little blog post about Mount Vesuvius as seen below. However, after I wrote the post, I went out to get the mail and the paper and there's a front page photo of a volcano in the Philippines, which I assume to be the one in the photo. So here's a post about volcanos.

This is a photo I shot looking down inside Vesuvius.  You can see a bit of steam in the center of the picture. The tour guide mentioned that it's roughly due to erupt again according to past occurrences. The people in charge over there are supposed to have a notification system in place if it appears as if it's going to blow, giving the people living in the area time to pack their bags and scoot. After touring Pompeii, I don't think I'd trust any warning system enough to do more than what we did, which was ride the bus about half way up and then hike to the top. It is kind of cool that I managed to get to the top of a volcano regardless of which volcano is in the top photo.

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