Thursday, January 18, 2018

Checking In

Still spending most of my time riding the recliner. At the rate I'm progressing, I figure it'll be at least another week before I can do much. It turned cold again, so I wasn't going to do much outside anyway. I did get some welding done on the motorbike the morning the back seized up. I was planning on going back out and working on it a bit more later in the day after taking care of the chores and eating my lunch. I'm hoping to get back on that project this weekend when it warms up a bit, back allowing.

I went out yesterday and fired up the truck to go down and get the mail. The driver's side window was frozen from the sleet the other day and when I went to crank it, the window and the track parted company. Now there's something else on the list that needs fixing. Again, depending on how the back is treating me, might take a look at that this weekend.

Photo above is the wife's grandpa holding Surly when he was just a pup. I scanned that one in for the family history project.

And that's about all I've got. 

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Surly said...

Look at that face...Surly indeed.