Saturday, March 27, 2010

Break's About Over

Spring break is just about history and as usual I only got about half as much done as I wanted to. I did make it to the dentist, the tax lady, Purdue for my metabolism test, ran a couple of days, made it to the gym a couple of times, went to Indy for the Gloves, went to Terre Haute for the weekend, worked on the van, fixed a couple of things at school and a couple of things around the shack, and I shoveled a little over 7000 lbs of gravel yesterday to patch up the driveway. The only things I still really need to get done are finish putting the lathe back together and fix the lawn mower. Going back to work is starting to look good to me.

I did have a little time to stop and smell the flowers. These are from one of my magnolia trees. This one is a Biond magnolia and this is the first year it has really blossomed out. We had a frost Friday night and it browned up a few of the blossoms but it still should be pretty for at least another week or so. They have a nice fragrance, as well. Spring is definitely in the air!

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