Friday, March 12, 2010

Tank's Progressing.

I got one side welded on the Rickati tank. I planished both the side and the top a little more and then sanded them up a little. There are still a few small bumps but not looking too bad. Thursday morning was spent cleaning things up in the shop, grading papers and doing school teacher type things, so no time to work on the tank. The afternoon was spent heading to Indy for the Golden Gloves. You can check the story here.

It's been a busy week and I will continue to be busy for awhile. I was gone every night so far this week and will be taking the Missus out for dinner tonight to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Thirty-nine years of wedded bliss so far. My parents went 42 before getting a divorce - still haven't quite figured that out - so only three more to tie, four more to win.

I have a memorial service for my Aunt Dot in the morning. She was a piece of work, that gal. Made it all the way to 92. She had her sights set on 100 but just kind of fell apart the last year. Vaya con Dios, amiga. We'll miss you.

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Mel said...

Hi Bob,
I wasn't totally sure how to contact you but I have a project and wanted to see if i could get your help! There is this incredible abandoned rail line here in Chicago and I had an idea for building a camera dolly to ride along the entire length of the line. I've been looking up best ways to do this and am kind of stuck. Do you have any suggests or plans? Your rail bike is awesome and I'm wondering if you had the measurements or more specifics on how you made the wheel system. The dolly would have 4 of those with a big wood board attached on top. It would need to be pretty smooth but there wouldn't be too much weight on it (just a tripod and camera)....but on that note, do you think a guy could stand on top of this too and have it roll well. Sorry to bombard your recent post, you can certainly delete it but any help would be incredibly appreciated. Thanks so much! -Mel