Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eames Skateboard

This one's for Surly.

Bitchin' skateboard, don't you think. If you follow the link to the photos, you can find a spot to get your own custom board made up. Lots cheaper than a motorcycle or a hot rod. Of course you have to offset some of the savings with band-aids and the occasional emergency room visit. Most of the guys I see at school who ride these things are always scabbed up. They're usually darn fine athletes, however. Reflexes like a cat, excellent balance. We could use them on our athletic teams but most of them just don't have the team player mentality. There is something to be said for independence, though.

I came across this at Ride the Machine. There are a couple more photos of it here.


leroy99 said...

Dont want to hijack this blog but what happened last friday night have not seen any updates on DBC blog? happy 39th by the way!

leroy99 said...

I ment thursday

Shop Teacher Bob said...

No fights last week - two this week. Will post tomorrow on DBC blog.