Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Fun

The Missus and I went to Terre Haute this past weekend to attend the Ring Ceremony at St. Mary of the Woods college. The rings are presented to those finishing their Junior year at the college. It was a lovely day and a lovely ceremony and my congratulations go out to Debbie for all of her hard work and persistence.

While we were in town we also had the chance to go to the Clabber Girl museum. Clabber Girl baking powder is where the Hulman family of Indianapolis made their dough - pun intended. It's a nice little display with no charge to get in, first of all and a nice little restaurant, second of all. If you check out the pictures, you can see the appeal to a guy like me. With food, race cars, bicycles, and beer on display they pretty well covered all the bases.

We spent a couple of nights at the Inn at Turkey Run State Park. It's been a while since the last time I had stayed there. The park has some great hiking trails and beautiful old growth hard wood forest. I didn't have much time to hike around but I did manage to get a little time in on the trails and see a few things, including a Pileated woodpecker. They're big suckers and make a lot of racket when drumming up lunch.

Speaking of racket, Saturday night was probably the loudest night I had ever experienced while staying in a hotel. The Inn is a lovely building, the staff very nice and the food in the restaurant was top notch but quiet, it ain't. The mechanicals are noisy - you can hear toilets flushing and heaters cycling on and off, which wouldn't have been all that bad, but then add in a bunch of college kids who were going out on the fire escape for a smoke and a giggle next to and above our room every five minutes. Every time they went back inside they let the door slam behind them and then proceeded to stomp around in the room above us and down the hallway. If we had been camping at the park, there would have been a 10:00 pm quite time rule in play. Instead, these mopes were still slamming the door at 11:30. Tough to get a good night's sleep that way. If I go back, next time I'll get a cabin or camp.

Lots of things lined up for the week. I'll see how much of it actually gets accomplished. I hope the weather cooperates.


cuzzin ricky said...

great shot of the old indy car but how bought a little commentary cuzzin ricky

Shop Teacher Bob said...

It's the 1962 John Zink Track Burner powered by a Boeing turbine. Zink owned the Indianapolis winners for 1955 & '56. The car didn't qualify even though Duane Carter, Dan Gurney and Bill Cheesbourg all tried to get it in the show. It looked like the body was made from fiberglass. Anything else you want to know?