Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I was walking past the kitchen window the other morning on my way to get a cup of coffee and I just happened to glance out to see a flock of turkeys out by the barn. I had heard them out that way before but this is the first time they came out of the corn where I could actually see them. I'm not sure if the law on hunting them is the same as it used to be but at one time you could only hunt them south of Route 10 and I live about 1/2 mile north. I prefer the Butterball with the little pop up timer built in anyway.

I got my DVD for the Month at the Museum contest done last night. I had all my pictures, a story board and the actual script all set before I got to Jeff's house so it went pretty quick. He imported the photos and I did the voice-over in one take. He adjusted the screen time for the individual photos to match up with the vocal and merged everything together real cleanly. He got the time right at 60 seconds. Not the greatest production. I know Jeff could have spiffed things up a bit with a little more time but I'm pleased with the outcome. I'm finishing up the essay and then I fill out the application. I've looked that over already, should be no problem on filling that out. I've still got a week - not even close to a panic yet.

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