Saturday, August 4, 2012

900 Superbike

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I got the turn signals and headlights taken care off. The bike looks close to being done at first glance. The more I look at the front end, the more I'm thinking Surly is right, dual discs. It would be nice to have a little wider rear wheel as well. I widened one of those mags way back when but I had access to a big lathe at the time. Kosman used to do the wheels and sold all kinds of drag and road racing stuff. Brakes, offset countershaft sprockets, swingarms, complete frames. You name it, he was the go to guy. I did the Internet search and it appears he has sold his business. He still does the wheel widening, it says on the website. It might be worth the phone call to see what it would cost to add an inch to the wheel width and see what he says about buying  an offset sprocket and brake parts. If I start going down that path I can see this project looking like a military  cost overrun but I could have a really cool scoot when it's all done. Still probably half what they're asking for the Sportster I was looking at.

While I'm kicking all of that around, I'm going to work on the clutch release plate. I need to make a couple of spacers and see about rounding up a couple of long metric Allen bolts. I need to see what I've got for tubing. If I'm going to bridge the swingarm, I'm going to need tubing. I'm also going to try and get a few more things done around the shack. I need to start digging the trench for the barn electricity. We've got sand here, so it digs easy. I will have to break out some concrete to get through the old foundation wall but I can handle that. Lots to do but lots of time to do it now. Finally standing right smack dab in the middle of Easy Street with a shovel in my hand.


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