Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Buon Ferragosto

Photo From Here
Today's an Italian public holiday. Good reason to take the day off  and reason enough to post a photo of Bettie Page.

It looks like my retirement is over. I've hired in at the local community college on a part time basis. I'll be teaching just one class this semester, Intro to Welding. The class covers oxy-acetylene cutting and welding, stick welding, and a little MIG along with welding safety. Next semester, it looks like maybe three classes. That would be great. The money's decent and all of the classes are one day per week for 4-5 hours at a time. I'm going to be paying a tidy sum of money for health insurance for a couple of years, so this will help with that. And, tying in with the picture, I'd like to get back to Europe again.

I'd like to get to Paris and also return to Italy to see the northwestern part. One of those motorcycle tours of the Alps would be great. You're looking at about 5 large for the motorcycle tour, so I need to start a little fund with my "professor" money to get back to Europe. I looked into taking an ocean liner across the Atlantic previously. It seems lots of the tour lines return to Europe once a year and you can book passage fairly cheap. That could be the way to go. Some freighters also take passengers. I'm figuring on working a couple of years, health permitting. That'll give me time to save a few bucks and get a few things tightened up a little more around here. Springtime in Paris and Lago di Como. That'd definitely be the capper for me.

No holiday here, though. Time to get busy. A piu tardi!


Anonymous said...

This is very exciting, Prof. "Bob"! Hopefully this is without the headaches of the past, while you get to still do what you love to do! Congrats

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Thanks, buddy. I'm thinking it'll be just what I need - a chance to continue teaching without all the BS. If it's not, then I'll be retired again. All there is to that.

Maybe in a couple of years all of us can do Europe again. Of course you'll have to get a job first, but it would sure be great if the four of us could go back together.

Traveling Pirate said...

This is an AWESOME development. I think you should get a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches, a pipe (empty), and a newsboy cap. And as for Europe, count me in!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I'm thinking the tweed coat and the rest might be a little overkill for a guy who's going to be teaching welding. Actually, I just got off the phone with the Dept. Chair. He's got another class he wants me to teach as well. That should keep me busy and help fund the trip. I was going to sign up for the Italian class you told me about this semester. Might be a little too busy now.

We need to all get together for dinner soon - we can commiserate and make some plans.

Anonymous said...

What's the new class??

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Arc Welding I. I haven't seen the syllabus yet, so I'm not exactly sure what it covers. I would assume it's mostly stick using 6010 & 7018. Shouldn't be a problem.