Friday, August 17, 2012


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I came across this photo the other day, strangely enough, right after stopping at a campground not too far from me to see about taking my teardrop out. It's been awhile since I've had it out and the weather the last few days has been ideal for camping. Nice during the day and into the high 50's at night.Now that the little darlin's are all going back to school, the campgrounds are pretty much empty during the week. I'm thinking maybe next week take a day or two and get away. Today, however, I'm off on a bike ride with a former co-worker. It'll be good to get caught up and maybe talk over the Italy trip, past and future.

I've been busy this week with some more paper work for the retirement and the new job. I received a phone call the other night from the community college and they want me to teach two classes now. Since these are lab classes, there shouldn't be much prep time for me. Mostly just show up and keep an eye on them while they practice their welding. Should be fun.

I bought a brake disc from eBay for the 900 project and it showed up the other day. I'm going to put double discs on the front with a couple of small Grimeca calipers, drag bike style, rather than big calipers, Superbike style. Surly's put up a few posts on his blog about building a replica Superbike but I'm still thinking more drag bike/hot rod for the street. I need to order in the calipers and a new front master cylinder and then I can fab up the brackets to mount the calipers to the fork legs. I'll get those ordered in the next few days so I can get back on that project.

I got some work done in the barn in between everything else that's been going on. I made up a small  workbench to put my little belt sander, tool box and coffee pot on. Other than getting my table saw and band saw up there, the upstairs woodshop is pretty close to being serviceable, if not done. As tvi pointed out the other day, you're never really done.The Missus got a new gas grill for her birthday that I managed to assemble while it was raining out the other day. And, since we have finally gotten some decent rain, I also had to mow again. In fact, I'll be mowing again this weekend. We sure needed the water, however.

Have a good weekend.

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