Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Belfast Recap

Bitchin' Tattoo
I saw this young guy sportin' this thing last September when we were out there.

Jimmy and The Bleeder flanking the # 4 world heavyweight contender, Mariusz Wach.

Double Vision at Pollywogg Holler 
Chris Guzman from Guzman Gloves doing the vocals.

My Indian clubs and bib number
First 5K since the heart attack and a good "race" to make my comeback.
The proceeds of the race will be going to help older boxers in need. Livingstone Bramble and the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame are setting this up. I'm going to find out more about it and I'll let you know. You might want to make a contribution.

The new William Muldoon statue
The lady in the photo is a direct descendant of Muldoon. Muldoon trained John L. and also is credited with inventing the sweater, medicine ball and shower bath. He was also an undefeated Greco-Roman wrestler. The first fitness guru, he trained fighters and big shots like Teddy Roosevelt at his White Plains, New York location. I'll never have my own statue but I did get the Indian clubs. 

Small town America politics
There were several of these in the windows of a little building by the barns. Sign on the door gave the hours for the Tea Party meetings. I rarely agree with anyone's/any party's politics but grass root movements that get more people involved are good for America. My views are more strict Constitutionalist/Libertarian - the less government is the best government. Fix the roads, deliver the mail, regulate interstate commerce, if you must, then go home. Obviously, I find trillion dollar deficit spending a little upsetting.

Smokin' Joe robe at the auction
I would have liked to have the autographed robe. Just the thing for a newly retired shop teacher. Hef can lay around the mansion on the round bed in his smoking jacket but layin' around the shack in a Smokin' Joe jacket is something else all together.

Thanks Belfast. It was a fun weekend!

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