Monday, August 27, 2012

Ain't What I Used To Be

36.5 Miles Per Hour
3100 Miles Traveled

When I went for the bike ride last week, I drug out the go-faster bike. I hadn't ridden it in quite a while so I figured it would be a good idea to get it out, air up the tires and blow the dust off it. I took it out for a little spin the other night as well and was trying to get the speedometer to work. Once I got that figured out, I toggled through all the readings and the top mph recorded is 36.5 and I've ridden 3100 miles - just on that one. I know one year I rode it almost exclusively and put over 1000 on. I can't see me putting all those miles on in the future or hitting much more than about 16 mph. Just glad that I'm healthy enough to ride again. 

There's a 25 miler coming up in a couple of weeks. I need to decide if I want to tackle that one. When I got back into cycling a few years ago I rode it on my mountain bike. That's when I decided I needed a road bike and I set my sights on a century ride. I've been riding the hell out of the bikes ever since, or at least until the chest/heart thing slowed me down. Now I need to set myself some type of limit so I won't be over-doing it again. 25 miles seems like a good number. 12-1/2 miles out, have a PB&J, turn around and come home, shower up, take a nap and call it a day. I put some new handlebar tape on the bike Saturday, so it's ready even if I'm not.


Traveling Pirate said...

Where's the ride?

Shop Teacher Bob said...

It's 28 miles now. I need to get out and put a few miles in, but as long as the weather looks good that day I'll probably ride it.