Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let There Be Light!

Lights in the Barn!

My buddy came down last evening and gave me a hand pulling the wire for the barn lights. It all went rather smoothly and before you could say Nikola Tesla, we had power. And to make it even better, everything worked, even the three-way switch for the lights upstairs. Now that we've got power, I'll try to get the garage doors hooked up today. That'll make things nice for the Missus. She's probably going to want some type of lighting by the service door but I've got the switch already wired and ready to go for that. I'll just let her go in and out a few times in the dark and see what she prefers. I've got a motion sensor light with a pair of flood bulbs I can put over the door. Maybe a post light would be better. We've got one out front with an electric eye. That seems to work well. Whatever she wants.

I did a little work the other day on the upstairs trying to get things organized and serviceable. Nothing big, just some odds and ends but I'll be able to do a little woodworking up there now. I still need to move my saws up there but no hurry on that right now. If you look at the back wall in the photo, you can see one of the fold down tables I built and the legs for it. Now that the miter saw is up and running, I'll cut the legs to length and get that job done today as well. I still need a few more things upstairs before that's complete and I need to replace a couple of the damaged roof sheets but with the electric being finished, I can just about call the barn done..


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Shop Teacher Bob said...

Whenever you start working in a shop, you always come across something that would make things easier or a little more productive, you're right about that. Since I don't do much woodworking, just a little more organizing of the tools and I should be golden. What I really want is to get back on the motorcycle builds. I'd like to see that Kaw 900 move under it's own steam one of these days.