Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Con-Duit, Can You?

I got the conduit in the hole and I'm ready to pull the wire for the barn electrification project. After all the time that has elapsed since this project got started, it's kind of like the old rural electrification days back in the 30's. I'll have lights, the garage doors will go up and down with the touch of a button, and I'll be able to use my miter saw (which I might add, I got mounted up the other day). It won't make any difference, night or day, I'll be able to go into the barn and do things without stringing out the extension cords. Me and the 600 million who lost power in India are really going to appreciate improvement in the electric power infrastructure. I've got a buddy coming down Saturday to give me a hand pulling the wire - should be golden on Sunday.

Not much else exciting going on this week. I had a visit from a former student, actually that was exciting. I hadn't seen him in several years. It was great to get caught back up a little. I got a few papers filled out for my insurance coverage through the school and finished the Real Food book.

Excellent book. Lots to digest here, pun intended. She did a pretty thorough job of covering the subject and her conclusions were supported by a review of a lot of studies and literature on the subject of What To Eat And Why, as stated in the sub-title. One of the more striking points she makes is how a lot of the studies and conclusions that doctors and lay people use to guide their health decisions are just plain bullshit. The one study that got everyone in an uproar over the cholesterol in eggs was done using powdered eggs, not even real eggs. Powdered eggs and powdered dairy products naturally under go changes in the process of changing them from wet things to dry things. If you were going to release a study that was going to have a huge effect on people and the entire poultry industry, wouldn't you run the study using eggs as they came from the chicken or at least put a huge asterisk at the end of study? That way everyone would know what the real story is. The bottom line here is like I stated the other day. Stay away from industrialized food. If it's been processed in a factory, it's probably not good for you. Stay away from hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup and most vegetable oils, especially corn oil. Eat grass fed meat, lots of vegetables and fruit, fish for the Omega-3's. It sounds almost too good to be true. That's probably why it is true. It eliminates all the big industrial agriculture and the resulting need for pharmaceuticals. Like most things, it's always about the money.

So now I've got more to think about with my diet decisions. Still can't justify cheap sandwich cookies anywhere in the diet plan. Desserts are about the only thing I miss eating. I did find  Vegan Pie in the Sky at the library the other day. There may still be hope.

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