Monday, August 13, 2012

The Doors

I got both of the garage doors hooked up yesterday. They both go up and down with just the push of a button. I'm a couple weeks shy of my 62nd birthday and this is the first time I've ever had an electric garage door opener. I was like some rube from the sticks yesterday, pushing the buttons, fascinated by the doors going up and down. Actually I wanted to see how far away I could go and still pick up the signal. The barn's a little ways from the house but the signal is strong enough you can trigger the door while in the house. That might be handy if you're bringing in an armload of groceries and it's raining out or something.

The electronics on these things is pretty cool. You push the limit button and then run the door up and down and the box remembers it - no mechanical limits to set. It also has a learn mode for the remote. Just push the learn button on the opener, then push the button on the remote you wish to use for that door and you're set. It will remember up to 20 codes. So the Missus, myself and our 18 children can all have a remote that functions. I don't know if it will remember all of these things when the power goes out or if there's a battery back up. Wouldn't hurt to check on that before it happens. The doors do have a release that makes it easy to open and close in the event of a power failure. Since that's a pretty regular occurrence around here, that was one of the points I made sure of prior to purchasing.

Today is the Missus' birthday. Birthday celebrations don't seem to be quite as important after you've had a bunch of them, but this year I'm especially glad to be around to share hers. We've known each other since we had English class together our sophomore year in high school. Since she just signed up for Social Security, you can do the math but it's getting close to 50 years that we've known each other and over 40 that we've been married. She's still my sweetie and always will be. Happy birthday, Baby!

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