Monday, August 11, 2014

Fiat 642

Photo From Here

That's a pretty cool transporter, yes? Should be, it's what Ferrari used in the late '50s to haul their race cars around. If you want to make a model of this thing there are several options. If you want to get in free, go here. You can download a paper model to give you something to do in the evenings when the mosquitoes are too bad to be outside. Myself, I've got plenty to keep me busy but I sure do dig the old trucks/transporters.

Took care of some things around the shack yesterday but did get out into the shop for a little bit. Dug through the bins and found a pair of gauges that had the lights I need for the Sportster. I was even able to use some of the rubber mounting hardware to replace some of the "hard as a carp" grommets that were in the Harley's gauges. Surly hooked me up with a copy of the parts manual, so I printed out some of the pages that clarify a few of my questions. He also gave me a couple of books on Sportsters to look at. I finished up the one last night that is a history of the Sportster by Allan Girdler. Nice book - all in color, shiny pages, chock full of good dope from a guy who knows his stuff. Might do a little machine work today. I've got to fix the threads in the shifter lever and generator, and I've still got to make the spacers for the front engine mount. Supposed to rain on and off all day today. Be a good day to work in the shop a bit.

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