Friday, August 8, 2014

Table Saw

That right there is what a finished project looks like. 

I got this old Craftsman saw from a guy I used to work with. He was the Machine Shop instructor when I first started teaching and I owe him for a lot more than just the saw - first rate craftsman and human being. He gave me a call a few years back and said he was moving out of his condo and in with one of his family members due to failing eyesight. He said he needed his woodworking stuff out of there in something like two days, so come and get it. And I did. It's a nice little saw, well made from cast iron like they all used to be, but the on/off switch was located on the motor around back of the saw right next to the belt. Not the safest set-up by any means. I bought a good switch about a year ago but hadn't gotten around to installing it. Well, yesterday was the day. 

I took the saw off the stand and drug it out of the basement so I could weld the box on to the stand and then wired everything up. The stand has leveling screws on the bottom so I took those out, wire brushed the threads and oiled them up. It's got a couple of casters on the back legs so the saw can be moved around easily and I took those off and greased them up also. I need to build a fence in the back of the house and some new steps and gate so the dog can run back there and I'm sure I'll be needing the saw. When that job is done I'll move it up into the woodshop in top of the new barn.

Didn't get much done on the bike yesterday due to working on the saw and a couple of other things but I made a couple of decisions about the horn/ignition switch/coil conundrum. I've got a plan of attack and plan to get after it in earnest real soon.  

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