Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One I've Never Heard Before

" (And most Camaros then were 305-motored cars with slushboxes, which wouldn't accelerate hard enough to pull a greased string out of a cat's ass.)" Quote and photo from here. Have to add that one to my repertoire.

Went to the bike shop yesterday to see about the springs for the ignition advance flyweights. No luck from the Motor Company but the counterman found an aftermarket kit with the weights, roll pins and springs for 25 bucks. Said it would be here in about a week.

A tap for a Heli-Coil and a few inserts to repair the stripped generator is about $25.00 as well. I think that'll be the route I take, especially since when I tried to put the new rubber on the shift lever, it only had about two threads left and it takes the same size as the generator. I need to take a look at my inventory of drills, taps, etc. and maybe pick up a few other things as long as I'm ordering.

I picked up the bolts I needed for the footpeg mounts and a kit with electrical terminals to replenish the stock. Menard's didn't have the wire I needed for the points so I need to stop at an auto parts store. The wire runs through the gearcase cover and I want to string that through before I tighten up the cover. Likewise, there's an oil line fitting on the back of the cover that will be a lot easier to get the hose and clamp on before I bolt the cover up, so I'll see about getting that on there as well. I'm not sure of the routing of the oil lines yet but the previous owner sent a little diagram along with the bike. I just need to find it now.

Since I'm going to be waiting for parts, having this thing running before vacation's over might be a little bit of a reach but it'll be worth it when it's done.

While I was in the bike shop I talked to the salesman, who's a former student of mine, about the new 750 Street. He said they had one but it moved and they won't be getting any more in for a couple of weeks. I'm not in the market for another bike but I would like to take a look at one up close. From the photos I've seen, it looks sharp and if you're going to do most of your riding just buzzing around town, you really don't need anything bigger than a 750. Actually, I wouldn't need anything bigger than that to ride across the country but I know I'm in the minority with that line of thinking. Of course, maybe this thing won't pull a greased string out of a cat's ass either but Harley needed something in their line up besides the big Hogs. At $7500.00 it doesn't look like a bad deal. It comes in a 500cc version for about $700.00 less. 

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