Wednesday, August 6, 2014


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Damn, that sure looks like fun.

I was once again rummaging around in the shop looking for something and came across the mandrel for turning the lower wheels for the English wheel. It's a 1/2" shaft center drilled on both ends. One end has a plate with a roll pin stuck through to drive the wheel welded to it. The other end is threaded so the heavy washer can be tightened up against the roller while machining the desired contour. Nothing too complicated here but something else that needs to be machined.

I've been going out to the shop every evening after dinner and working on the bike a bit. I let the chickens out during the day and they come home to roost about 8:00 PM, so I work until roughly eight and then lock the hen house door and head to the shack. I got the footpeg rubbers on, the brackets cleaned up and new hardware installed. I stuck the jugs on there mostly to see where some of the rest of the parts go. There's a bracket that bolts to one of the lifter boss bolts, a couple of oil lines on this side to feed the top end, and there's a big bracket that bolts on top between the Vee that I need figure out how it goes together because the ignition switch, coil and horn all get suspended up there some kind of way. I'll stick the heads on today and start sorting all that jazz out. There'll probably be something that requires a trip to the dealer or the hardware store. I need to hit an auto parts store for some wire and rubber hose as well.

I found the tach drive and cable in the boxes. The cable has got a couple of minor kinks but it at least fits on both the drive end and to the tach itself. The speedo cable, on the other hand, fits nicely on the front wheel but doesn't fit on the speedo. Both of the gauges have no wiring. The speedo has a couple of stubs about an inch long sticking out the back side but there's nothing visible at all on the tach. The two dash lights are going to need some work as well. The manual has a wiring diagram so I'll start chasing wires pretty soon.

Every day a little something.

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