Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Took the gear off my generator the other day to see if it was the same as the one Surly gave me. I didn't actually try to stick it on but a cursory inspection says it's the same. This gives me two options. Put my gear on his generator or take his apart and use the front piece with good threads on mine. I don't know if his works, or if mine does either as far as that goes, but in his case the previous owner put an alternator on the bike either to replace a generator that didn't work or to upgrade. I think I'm going to gamble on the fact that it was just an upgrade. I'll throw a fresh coat of paint on it and bolt it on. It's a pretty simple matter to remove and swap it out later if it turns out to be a junker. I picked up some wire the other day as well so I can start down that path. 

Started back to school again so I'll be working on the clock more and on the projects less. Probably less blogging as well - since I got the Harley I've been putting them up pretty regular. Even though I don't get a lot done on any given day, there's been some progress most every day. Good to have a mission other than mowing grass.

I didn't get the engine bolted together before school started back up like I wanted but I'm going to blame that on the evil earache. The eardrum ruptured from the pressure the other day. Had some nasty crap in there for a while, then it went to a clear liquid that I took to be a good sign but sure was a bunch of it came out of there. The only positive thing about popping a hole in the eardrum was that the pressure level went down, so the level of pain did also. 

Long weekend coming up with the Labor Day holiday. I'm hoping to be able to get out in the shop and spend some time on the bike. It'd be nice to have the motor all buttoned up in the next week or so. 


Surly said...

Earaches suck. Eardrums that burst suck even more. I had one blow on a descent in an airplane. Felt like I got kicked inside my head with a big boot. I hope you feel better. I've got a new toy coming in the mail you have to see.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Most of the pain's gone but there's still enough pressure behind it that it won't heal up. Just an aggravation now.

Let me know when the new toy comes in.