Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Switch Bracket

Didn't get much done on the Sportster the last few days but I did finish the ignition switch bracket - pretty happy with how it came out. I'll pick up some stainless or chrome mounting screws and washers to use when it's time to mount it up for keeps. The stock horn normally mounts underneath the switch but I'm going with something a little different. I've got a super loud horn coming that I'm planning on mounting up front off the crash bar boss. Horn will be here in a few days, so I'll see how that all works. If I don't like it, I'll put the horn on the VW.

Made a couple of spacers for the coil mounting bracket. According to the parts book, the bracket I've got is what is called for but it's supposed to bolt on the outside of the ears on the front of the gas tank. However, the arms on the coil mount aren't long enough to clear the gusset behind the steering head/neck and bolt up to the tank mount. The coil bracket will bolt through a hole in the gusset but the gusset is only about 5/16" thick and the bracket is 2" between the arms with the mounting holes, hence the need for the spacers. I think what I've got figured will work just fine as long as it clears the bottom of the gas tank. Again, if it doesn't work, I'll try something else. I'm not looking for a 100 point restoration here. Machining up a few custom parts will "make it mine" and set it apart from the crowd. Besides, Harley always had a lot of options for anyone buying one of their machines. You could get them spec'd out pretty much anyway you wanted. No reason not to do the same thing forty years later.

I still haven't gotten around to making the spacers for the lower front motor mount. I'm planning on doing that next and then I'll go back to putting the motor together. I think I've got everything needed to put the jugs and the rest of the top end together. I'll finish up the gearcase first and then tackle that. 

Moving right along. Kind of a glacial pace but it's going together. 

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