Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beauchamp Kung Fu

Saw this poster here with the Rex Beauchamp name on it, which led to this:

When you talk about backing it in to a corner - this is how it's done. This, in a round-about sort of fashion, led to this:

Surly's got this place on his to-do list. The photo is from here. I didn't go too deep into this blog but lots of motorcycle stuff, including iron head Sportsters. I'll have to scope it out further when I have a bit more time.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, more rain = more mowing. Sharpened the blades and threw a new air cleaner on the mower, then mowed the front yesterday. Will do the back today when I get home from the gym. Also ran the weed-whacker a bit yesterday and got the lathe extension lined up and bolted down. It took a bit of filing and fitting but I'm set to turn. I've had a leak on the patio doors on the upstairs of the new barn basically since the barn was finished. The doors got twisted, as you can imagine, when the barn blew down. I think I cured that the other day as well. I'll know next time a hard rain comes from that direction. With what we've been experiencing of late, shouldn't have long to wait. Crazy weather this summer - temps in the forties last night, in fact.

Sportster parts showed up the other day so it'll be a coin toss as to work on the bike or paint the house this weekend. Maybe I can squeeze in a bit of both. Definitely need to work on both. This working four days per week stuff needs to stop. It's going to take me a long time to get caught up at this rate but it's paying the freight on the projects. 

Enjoy the weekend.

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