Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nothin' Much But The Grass Still Growing

Photo From Here
The photo was labeled as an Aermacchi - Metisse. Not much to go on as far as identifying the power plant with it hidden behind the fairing, but seeing the back part of the frame I knew at a glance it was a product of the Rickman brothers. Fillet brazed, nickle-plated frames with workmanship of the highest order. Sweet.

Worked on the Sportster just a bit yesterday. Had to get a blood test in the morning to keep an eye on the lipids and the A1-C. You'll worry about that crap when you get older too. Or you could take better care of yourself when you're young, so you won't have to worry about it when you get old. Regardless, after coming home and grabbing a bite, I installed the new points and condenser and ran the new wire for the coil. I also piddled around with a couple of non-essentials like polishing the chrome cover for the battery. The piece around the sides of the battery cleaned up nicely but the lid has the chrome about worn through to where you can see copper underneath. All part of that "triple chrome" plating, don't you know. Looks like a good place to put a sticker to me. Couldn't work on it for too long because I was trying to squeeze in some more mowing between the raindrops before I went to work. Not much to report there but it's something.

I checked out the schedule for the Spring semester machining classes and the one I'd like to take they offer in the middle of the day. If I get lucky, I could work that in between my teaching assignments on the same days. I'm going to talk to my boss and see what he's got for me next semester. Might just work out.

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