Thursday, September 4, 2014

When I'm Sixty-Four

Caught up with the Missus now, we're both 64 and still kicking.

Got back on the Sportster project yesterday for a bit. Bolted up the gearcase after installing the shifter shaft bushing and the seal for the ignition drive. Hope to hell all that stuff is in the right place. I timed the breather when I bolted the oil pump on and it looks like the cams have all the index marks lined up like they should be. I clamped a new oil vent line on to the inside of the cover and threaded a new wire through for the points. Also bolted on the generator and the tach drive. So that's another little step closer. I also ordered in a couple of more parts, including a new 20T countershaft sprocket. Next up are the piston and jugs. That'll be weather dependent. I need to mow again and get a little more painting done on the house. Supposed to be a hot one today - better day for mowing than painting, especially since I'm working the south side of the shack.


Surly said...

Happy Birthday, Pop.

Rich said...

Happy Birthday and congrats. Nice to answer all the questions in that tune 'yes'. We have a decade to go here.

Mowing continuously here in the Bluegrass. Humid as can be... the way the mower is discharging, it's more like Gluegrass.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Thanks to both of you - hoping for at least 20 more.

Gluegrass - I like that. I just figured it was raining fertilizer the way the grass was growing. I'm spending about the same amount for gas in the mower as I am for commuting to work four days per week.