Friday, September 19, 2014

Trap Line

I came home from work the other night and saw that I had caught what I think to be the varmint that has been chewing on the truck wires. He was running back and forth in the cage but since it was late, I figured I'd "take him for a ride" in the morning. The poor little guy either had a heart attack over night or had run himself to total exhaustion. Regardless, I took him down the road about a mile or so to a nice wooded area and cut him loose. Now I can fix the fuel pump wires again. 

Harley parts came in the mail yesterday so I can get back on that project and the weather's good for painting, at least today. Should be able to do a little of both this weekend. And maybe find the break in the truck wires and get that soldered up.


Traveling Pirate said...

I just spent $520 on chewed up wires and an oxygen sensor. The mechanic put mothballs under the hood. Now my car smells like an old lady's closet but I'm good with that.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

One of the little darlin's got to the wires on my wife's new Buick also. $360 on that one so she's parking in the new barn all the time now. I've got a mothball "sachet" hanging under the hood of the truck myself. Plus, I've declared all out war on the little rodents. They'd best stay on the other side of the tracks or I'll be collecting squirrel tails to hang from the hand grips on the Harley.