Saturday, September 27, 2014


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Been getting a whole lot of nothing done on the bike the last few days but I've been kicking ass on the house painting. I've got just a little bit left on the siding and some trim painting that requires the long extension ladder as well as a step ladder I need to drag up on the roof. Not the most fun job but the house is looking good. 

I also did a little work on the big doors of the new barn. When I trimmed out everything else on the barn, I ran out of aluminum before wrapping the boards along the sides of the openings. I had enough to do the top but not the sides. Also, the aluminum is not supposed to come in contact with treated lumber for some reason. While I pondered that, two years have gone by with the openings looking like poo, what with the scab lumber around the opening to prevent the weather from blowing in and nails only partially driven in so I could take them off easily later on when I got around to finishing them up. Anyway, I took the scabs off, got two coats of paint on the treated lumber to keep it from reacting with the aluminum and screwed on a couple of pieces of the brick mold I'm using to see how it was going to look. Looks good even it if doesn't get wrapped in aluminum. I want to make a couple of pieces for the fly rafters one of these days, however, so I'll get that figured out, buy another roll of aluminum and rent the brake again. I can do that most any time it's not raining. Doesn't have to be warm but I'd like to be able to check that one off the list this year.

Get outside and enjoy the weekend while we've got all this great weather.

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