Sunday, September 28, 2014

Race Walk

I did a 5K last night with my running buddy, Jen - she ran, I walked. It was a fun race. All the swag bags had glow sticks and a blinking bracelet, so all the runners and walkers were lit up nicely in the dark. It was in a small town and there were at least 200 people taking part. Pretty good turnout for a first event. The course was a little dark in spots, probably a little sketchy for a fast runner but not much of a problem at my pace. Awards were given for the first place male and female runners, and the first place male and female walkers. I was the fastest male walker, hence the medal in the photo. I might have been fastest walker overall. Not bad for a guy whose training has consisted mostly of painting his house. Of course I'm a little sore this morning but it's worth it. Before the race started they had already raised $4000 for Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis and they were having an after race party at a local business that had a $5.00 cover charge, that money going to Riley's as well. 

Nice night to be out getting some exercise, good company,  good cause, and a medal. Can't beat it.


Jean said...

We were at Riley's many years off and on with Jill. Thanks for your part in supporting it!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

My part wasn't much but when you put all the little bits together, it adds up nicely.

There's another walk in town in a couple of weeks. I don't know all the details but it too is a night walk and I think it also is a benefit for Riley. I'll probably do that one as well.