Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gaskets Are In The House

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I love that old stuff. In twenty years when I finish a couple of projects, I'll see about building myself some kind of cool van/transporter. In the meantime, it's full speed ahead on the Sportster.

Went to the dealer yesterday and they had the washer for the pushrod tube and the head gaskets, in stock and only seven bucks total! How you gonna complain about that, eh? Now I should have everything I need to put the top end together, sorta. The rocker shafts are supposed to have a acorn nut to hold them into the rocker boxes but I don't have those. Any fine thread nut would work to get me going but since I sprung for chrome acorn nuts to hold the jugs down, I think I'll see about ordering in a set of chrome nuts and the whatever the hell they're called on the other end of the shafts as well. Since I've got plenty to do on the wiring and I need to finish hooking up the clutch release and the front brake, I'll work on that stuff and if I need to order anything else in, I can get it all at the same time.

Ideal weather for house painting, though. Plus, they're starting to pick corn around here so that means summer's officially over as far as I'm concerned. Of course this time the calender seems to agree with me, with yesterday being the autumnal - we don't say fall around here - equinox. So that means it's time to get a few more things tightened up around the shack and maybe move the BSA down the basement so I can work on it over the winter.  Definitely not going to sit on my hands all winter like I did last year.

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Surly said...

I think you need acorn nuts on the rocker shafts or they will leak. They have a red clear plastic center. Or you can get them in other colors if that's your thing. Oh, and I might have a chrome set.