Thursday, February 19, 2015


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I'm thinking this is exactly what I need.

I got tired of looking at seed catalogs and decided to check out a Nissan dealer the other day that had several 370Z's in stock. I was thinking the 370Z Sport when I went in but the Nismo isn't all that much more money, especially when you consider it's got all the goodies on it to begin with so you wouldn't need to spend anything on additional accessories or go-faster parts. Color choices are limited on the Nismo, so red it is. The 370Z comes in a black cherry and a metallic gray, both of which I like the looks of, but the red Nismo speaks to me. When the weather warms up I'll take another run up that way and take one for a test drive.

These are the new manual milling machines that just came in to the lab at the college. They're a Taiwan made Bridgeport knock-off but they look pretty spiffy in there - much better than the crappy cell phone picture would lead you to believe. I'm anxious to see what the rest of the equipment is going to look like. If I'm going to buy a fancy-ass sports car, I'm going to have to work a bit longer. With all the new machine tools coming in, I just might want to keep working whether I buy a car or not. 

Biggest issue today, however, is going to be keeping warm. Looks like a record breaking day with the cold temperatures being forecast. If it's got to be cold, might as well break the record. Normal average for this time of the year is mid-thirties - far cry from these negative numbers. Just glad I don't have to work outside in this.


Surly said...

I hate to say it should buy a Camaro. That Nissan is bad a$$ but for the same price you 76 more HP in a NA car. You won't want to deal with turbo issues in a few years. Camaro SS with the 1 LE package. Look it up.

Surly said...

I assumed that Nissan was a turbo car. After taking a second look, I don't think it is. And for the record, I'm not anti-turbo but I don't think you'd want to deal with any maintenance headaches down the road.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

This all started when I went to look at a new pick-up. First one I saw was over $50K - I could buy a Corvette for about the same money. Then I started looking around for something cheap to just get me back and forth to work - ended up with the little clown car - but the seed was planted on buying some type of performance/sports car. I'm still going to check out a WRX since I could drive that year-round. The Mustang GT, the Camaro and the 370Z are all about the same money depending on trim. I do like the idea of 400+ hp which both the Mustang and the Camaro have. I won't be doing anything before Sept, regardless.