Monday, April 27, 2015

All American Boy

Photo From Here
I worked for a small paving outfit many years ago and the driveway we were working on was for a house located at the top of a pretty steep hill. At the bottom of the street was a hard 90 degree turn but if you went straight you would run out into an open field. Across the street was a house where a little guy six or seven years old was riding his tricycle. Next thing we know he pedals out into the street, heads downhill, kicks his feet out, lets out a big war-hoop, and he's off. No way he can make the corner on a tricycle, so he just points it out into the field and rides it out. Had to be going 20 - 25 mph by the time he got to the bottom. Next thing we see is Mama coming out the front door and, buddy, she's pissed! She heads off down the hill after him and the little guy knows he's in for it but he can't quit grinning. She paddles his ass proper and then drags him and his tricycle back up the hill, one on each side of her. When they get back up to the top you can see the wheels turning in the little guy's head doing a risk/reward calculation and it was pretty obvious he figured it was well worth it. Probably didn't help that I gave him a thumbs-up when he went by. We would have applauded the kid but mom probably would have come over and paddled our asses as well.

P.S. The link to the photo is to Bicycle Luv. Lots of excellent bicycle photos as well as some VW stuff.


Surly said...

No link on the pic.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

It's there on the bottom of the photo - just hard to see. I clicked and it does work.

Traveling Pirate said...

That photo about gives me a heart attack!

domestikdeva said...

The Missus says it's a girl.