Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brit Bikes

Photo From Here - NSFW
Starting to look at the BSA in earnest. Surly is working on a few design elements and I'm working on a few other things in the meantime. My buddy who tinkers with the little Ducati's is branching out into BSA's as well. He brought me a Bantam tank in need of repair.

I'll get this one knocked out this week and start back on a couple of my projects using my normal shotgun approach. The Sportster definitely needs some love. Need to tackle the wiring and it'll be pert near done. Have to wait and see what else speaks to me. I put together one of my many lists the other day and already knocked out a couple of the jobs. Probably should do a little better job on triage, but don't know that I'll ever change when it comes to starting and finishing jobs. 

Photo From Here - NSFW
I threw this one in just because. We don't want to make any permanent alterations to our BSA but a street tracker would be cool. Especially if it came out looking as nice as this one. That's one nice looking scooter.

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