Monday, April 6, 2015


Saw both of these at Rocket Garage

Saw this one at Recycled Garage.

Managed to get out into my garage and shop - did a little clean up and decided I should look at why the snowblower was shifting hard before I put it away for the year. That was an easy fix but the two drive chains underneath are about shot, so I should probably get those squared away before I park it, forget about it and then go through the aggravation of trying to fix it when one of them breaks when the snow is a foot deep and it's 5 degrees outside. Looks to be a 40 series chain with 1/4" spacing between the links - 420 maybe? I'll see if I can find anything locally and get that checked off the list. If the weather stays warm I'll be mowing in another week. Or it could be like last year and snow a couple of inches this week.

I need to get out in the garden and start getting it ready for the year. With the drought in California, veggies and fruit are liable to see a size-able increase in cost this year. Since I'm probably going to be staying pretty close to home for awhile, might as well expand the garden a bit. Rhubarb is popping up, so it won't be long and it'll be time to get everything else in the ground. 

Lost one of my aunts yesterday. She was a very dear lady who passed away peacefully in her sleep. Via con Dios, Joyce.


Surly said...

I have a picture of a gear just slightly smaller than that from CME. I'll have to dig it out

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I've always been amazed at the size and accuracy of the things made years ago - much of it done without the benefit of electricity. There were some real engineers and craftsmen back in the age of steam.