Thursday, April 23, 2015

Woodworking Stuff

It was pretty crappy Monday - windy & damp - so I spent a couple hours in the top of the barn checking a few things off the list. I put a shelf in a cabinet, made a cut-off sled for the table saw and also made a little rack for the shop vac tools. The sled isn't quite done. I'll finish it up next time I need to pull the saw out. I want to rip cut the edge of the back stop to both square it up and shorten the height a bit along with another bridge piece for the leading edge of the sled. Then I can screw things down. I'm planning on making another sled for cutting miters one of these days as well.

My goal for the next three weeks is doing a little something on the projects every day. After that I'm on vacation for about a month until summer school starts. Should be able to check a lot of things off the list by then. These here are just things to make the real work easier and faster. Be nice to just work on the projects rather than working on the things I need to work on the projects. 

Looks like the weather is going to continue to be crappy for a few more days. Might as well spend them in the shop.

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