Friday, September 11, 2015

Aircraft Hand Forming

Birthday present from Surly. Right up my alley. It's a good little book - just thumbed through it but picked up a couple of tips already. If I get a little better at sheet metal work, maybe I can make one of these for the 900:

Photo From here

The bike looks familiar but I can't place it. I'm assuming, however, that it's an endurance racer judging by the headlights. Something built for the Bol d' Or perhaps? I like to see a picture of the complete bike. Maybe stick with the plan, such as it is on the 900, and build a fairing for the black & orange Sprint. Hopefully, when I get the concrete poured in the back of the shop I'll be a little better equipped to do that kind of work. I've got most of the necessary tools but haven't had the room to set them all up. Like most things, however, if it became a high enough priority it would happen. I'll get in touch with my buddy and see what his schedule is and get the concrete done soon enough.

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