Monday, September 28, 2015

Praying Mantis

I got the swing painted yesterday. One coat on the bottom but two on the top. Looks pretty good - almost like a woodworker was in charge rather than a weldor. I'll pick up some hardware this week, get that installed and then mothball it until spring. 

Pretty happy with the swing project, not only because it's done, but because I finally have my own woodshop set up and use-able. Still need to get a couple of items moved upstairs and I'd like to get a drill press, but I'm no longer dependent on having access to the high school shop in order to make/fix things at home.

While I had the paint out I figured I should put another coat on the little park bench that sits by the steps. I pulled it out and found a praying mantis underneath it where some iris had grown up. Not something I see around here too often but that's not all that surprising since they blend in with the greenery well and they don't move very quickly. Bench is painted and no praying mantis was harmed in the process. 

I've got a few things lined up for the week already but hope to get back on the 900 soon. If nothing else, at least get some parts ordered in. I'm kicking around some ideas for a small spray booth. I painted my mailbox the other day and sprayed it outside - took twice as much paint as it should have due to the wind but I don't really have a decent spot to paint without worrying about getting overspray on something or getting a lot of dust in whatever I'm painting. Wouldn't need to be much. Something big enough for a motorcycle tank or fenders. Maybe with a Lazy Susan so I could spin the parts around and a bar across the top to hang parts from. Have to see if I can come up with some type of portable/knockdown item with good lighting and an exhaust fan. It never ends.

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