Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Sidecars with steering wheels. That's something you don't see everyday Chauncey. If you check out the link, beware. There's some cool bikes, cars and photography but there's some things not safe for "sensitive viewers" - like your boss for instance.

This came in as part of  Cycle World's weekly e-mail. New engine designed by Dan Gurney and friends. Large bore, short stroke, variable valve timing, counter rotating crankshafts that cancel out the rocking motion of the firing pulses. Pretty clever design. They're looking to have one running later in the year. 

I hope Dan Gurney has better luck with his gear teeth than I do with my mouth teeth. That's half the crown portion of the dental implant I got put in not quite two years ago. The damn thing split pert near right down the middle Sunday morning while eating breakfast. Not real happy about that, nor am I happy about the root canal I had done this week on a tooth that already had a crown and a root canal procedure. Two trips to the dentist this week. The one nice thing about the implant is you can break 'em down the middle and it doesn't hurt a lick. 

And to try and keep the positive spin going, I had to go right by the welding supply while I was out.  I only needed a couple of little items but there's no place close to me or in the town where the college is located that has a regular full service welding supply. There used to be one about five minutes away from the college but they folded up a few years ago. As far as I know no one has moved in to fill the void. When I was at the high school I just ordered what I wanted from our supplier on a cash ticket and paid the driver when he made the rounds. It would seem I'm a trifle spoiled.

I was supposed to meet with the concrete guy but the dentist visit will fill that time slot. That's going to push the concrete back a bit again but there's still no freezing temperatures being forecast.

I did a 36 mile bike ride Saturday. The weather was crappy when we set off - spitting rain and wind in our faces but it cleared up nicely and we finished with a nice tail wind. Surprisingly enough, the legs weren't sore after the ride, either that day or the next. The longest I had ridden at a stretch was 15 miles prior to that. Not too shabby for a guy who just turned 65, even if I do say so myself.

Need to get back on the 900 project but also need to get a few things done around the shack before the weather turns cold. It is the autumnal equinox today, after all. Shame to waste all the beautiful weather we're having at the dentist office.

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