Saturday, September 19, 2015

Under the Covers

I started working on the 900 motor in earnest. Took the alternator cover off and got it cleaned up first. I've got a cover that's been chromed but 70's Superbikes weren't known for their show chrome finish. These things were working horses not show ponies. The Scotch-Brite finish looks plenty shiny enough. I had a kit of Allen head screws that I bought a while back so I've been sticking those back in the proper holes as I take things apart and reinstall them.

Cleaned up the sandcast clutch cover after that so it would be ready to bolt on when I took the stock cover off. Shined up the points cover and the piece behind it a bit first, however.  When I took the clutch cover off I discovered a chunk of a broken friction plate. Upon further inspection, there are a couple of broken plates.

The little piece was laying inside the clutch cover. The larger missing piece is not rattling around in the motor, it fell into the drain pan. The steel plates look like they could be salvageable with a little sanding. I'll see what's available and break out the credit card. I knew the time was coming when I was going to have to start spending some money. Looks like it's arrived.  

Edit: I went to Bike Bandit to see about the clutch discs and just for curiosity sake I checked out the price of the above covers. The alternator cover is roughly $350, the points cover $100 and the clutch cover $150. Holy Horseshit, Batman! Three covers are $600.00. I'd better keep my spares under lock and key.


Rich Dailey said...

Crimeny! I'm going to have to take the time and go through my boxes of old bike stuff.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

They made lots of KZ/Z1's but a lot of them hit the pavement and ground up the alternator and points covers. If a guy was going to do a primo restoration using NOS parts, it could get out of hand real quick. I can't imagine what a set of four exhaust pipes would go for, if you could find them.

Surly said...

A Moriwaki points cover is $100.00.
The pipes would probably push $1K.

Nova Run said...

Good work chief.

Nova Run said...

Good work chief.