Monday, September 7, 2015

Inner Countershaft Cover Repair

I got the inner piece for the countershaft cleaned up and repaired. Wasn't too tricky. After I welded in the new pieces, I clamped it down on the milling table and then took a skin cut off the top. Things always warp when you weld them, plus, this piece was hit hard enough to knock a fair size chunk out of it which usually leads to distortion. Anyway, done deal. I do need some new screws that bolt the part to the engine cases. I'll see what I've got for Allen heads in 6mm. Those Phillips head screws just don't get it.

Starting to look like a motorcycle. I need to get the seat mounted. I cut the stock mounts off the frame when I was running the sidecar with the homemade sheet metal. Originally I was thinking of buying a Corbin seat but since I'm leaning more Superbike/Streetfighter rather than cafe, I think I'm going to stick with the stock seat. It doesn't have to swing open like a stocker, it just needs to stay on. Not too much fabrication work left to do. I need to order a new rear caliper and then I can finish up the rear brake and the exhaust pipe. Right now I can roll it around, so might be a good place to pause until I get my concrete finished.


Surly said...

The scoots' looking good.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Thanks. I'm pleased with how it's going. Just need to keep after it.