Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mo' Snow

Pretty serious snowfall yesterday and last night. I'm guessing about 8" here. The wind gusts were 30-40 mph. The whole county and a couple of the surrounding counties were declared a snow emergency. Most all the county roads were shut down. Looks rather pretty outside this morning unless you're contemplating having to go out and shovel. 

I ran the tractor down the lane yesterday afternoon but the old girl wasn't running too good. Sounded like a spark plug was firing intermittently. I've got a set of plugs here at the house plus a new set of points, distributor cap and rotor. I'll throw the plugs in it before I try to start it up today and see if that helps. The rest can wait until a later date when the temps are a little bit warmer. It's supposed to be close to 50 on Saturday. No sense in going overboard on the snow removal. I'll let Mother Nature clean up after herself. As long as I can get in and out, that's good enough. I've got no place I need to go today anyway.

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