Saturday, February 13, 2016

Oddball Stuff

That's a cute rig. Lots of other oddball stuff here as well.

Now for something really oddball, this one is parked in the front yard of a farm I go by on my way to work. Looks like a tube frame with a Volkswagen front end bolted on. Small block Chevy for power. The cowl looks as if it might have actually come off of the assembly line at one time. This thing has been sitting out by the road for a while now. I'm assuming it's for sale but I haven't seen a sign on it. I didn't walk around it to get a close look at it but it looks like it could be fun. Or dangerous. Or both.

Depending on your point of view, maybe oddball, maybe not. Since I'm the constructor of this rig, I say not but we'll have to see how it turns out. I painted up the exhaust pipe. Looks pretty sexy with the aluminum insert installed. If you look at the clutch cover you can see the sheet metal piece I made to keep my toe from catching on the fins when applying the brake. It needs a bit of trimming and sanding yet but it'll work. I need to find a couple of button head screws to hold it on and that'll be done. 

It's been pretty cold here the last few days. That, coupled with my super tight back and chest muscles, hasn't been real conducive to working in the shop so progress has slowed a little on the bike but I did pull the front fender off. The forks are from a Suzuki 1000 and the fender is from a Suzuki 750. It's not a bad looking fender but it's a little too "touring" for this rig. It matched up with the fender and seat in the original build fairly well but I'm going to trim it down a little. I'm planning on about one inch in the front, maybe two on the rear. 

I need to put the new fork seals in the lowers so I can get the forks mounted up. It'll be installing and sorting the brakes after that. I should probably buy a new master cylinder for the front and then decide if I want to run two lines direct to the calipers or plug in the Tee fitting I have that allows a pressure switch for a brake light. I've got a switch wired in for the rear brake. That's all they used to have. When I get the forks dialed in I'll get all the parts out and see what I've got that will work with what. I should probably do that sooner rather than later so I won't be waiting on parts but that's one of the nice things about having a dozen projects going at the same time - always something to do in the meantime. This one's definitely getting closer, however.

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