Monday, February 29, 2016

Tractor Time

Beautiful day yesterday. Since it was so warm and sunny I figured it would be a good time to tune up the old Allis.

I bought the distributor cap and the points, condenser and rotor kit years ago. Since the tractor always started and ran fine, I figured I'd wait until it seemed like it needed it before I installed the parts. Since the time had arrived, I swapped out the spark plugs and then took the distributor cap off. Didn't quite match up with the new one. I then took a look at the rotor and the same thing there. Ruh, Ro, George. On the back of the new parts it says it fits everything from 1948 up with the Delco-Remy distributor. Apparently mine isn't one. I ran over to the auto parts store around the corner only to find they're no longer open on Sundays, so had to abandon that job. I'll check with the parts store up town that's run by the two old guys. They always come through for me. If that doesn't work, I'll check with my older brother. He's got one of these things. Maybe he'll know what I need. He's a real Ag guy, not a "gentleman farmer" like I am.

After abandoning the tractor job, I finished making up the pieces for Surly's shock spring compressor.

This one's a tag team project. His drawing and plate. I cut the plate to size, he bored the hole. I'll do the rest. Should be able to finish this one up this week at work. 

After I finished the machine work on the compressor parts, I worked on the forks for the 900 a bit. I removed the old seals and cleaned the lowers up. I need to look around in my pile of seal drivers to see if I've got something that will work to install the new seals. If not, I'll turn a piece of aluminum to do the job. I've got a handle I made that has 3/4" threads on it I use for driving seals as well as a few other oddball uses. It won't take long to machine up a round plate and thread the center hole. Then I can throw it in with the rest of the one-off tools I've got that I'll probably never use again. I would have done that yesterday but I had several other little jobs I wanted to get done while the weather was nice.

Have a good week.

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