Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Old Guys Rule!

Went to the parts store yesterday morning to see what I could do about getting the correct parts for the old Allis. Took the old parts and the incorrect new ones with me to get the proper match-up. The first thing the parts guru came up with were just like the ones from TSC I had bought. No bueno. He then took another approach and bingo, muy bueno. The parts have an IH number on them, which I'm assuming means they fit a Farmall/International Harvester application but they fit the Allis so I'm happy. The beautiful thing about this is the guy pulled the parts off the shelf to match them up. Parts in stock and he knew how to cross reference them. There's a lot to be said for experience. Because I was so happy, I had him throw in a set of plug wires also. As little as I use the tractor, this should be the last tune-up I'll have to worry about on the old girl but I'll keep the end of the boxes with the manual just in case.

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